Basic Idea of Casino Roulette Wheel Game

One of the most interesting games on the internet today is the casino roulette wheel game. However, not many have a sound knowledge about the game in consideration. For many, it is a game involving a spinning wheel with a ball in it. However, there is more than what people perceive. In case of online casino roulette wheel game, a random number generator is used. You will come across couple of roulette wheels out there: American and European, where the difference is only in the numbers on the wheel. Americans have 00 , which is not present on the European version. Did you know that the roulette was invented in France? Even more incredible thing is that you will find the best odds for roulette at plenty of French online casinos. Hop over to this site and see why French casinos are declared to be the most rewarding gambling establishments.

Thus, you would find 37 places in the European wheel and 38 in the American one. This extra number increases the house edge for American wheel, which is why it has lesser chances of giving you the desired result. Again, you will not find the numbers in both the wheels to be in sequence, as they are there in a random order. However, '0' and '00' are located right next to one another.

Standard roulette wheels are generally black and red in color. They are printed alternatively on the wheel alongside a few green wedges in between them. However, there are wheels having different color combinations for making them look colorful in the process.

Amongst most of the games out there, casino roulette wheel game is considered to be easiest of all, as there are no skills required over here. Luck is the sole factor that decides your fate in the game. You even have the option of placing bets on multiple numbers for increasing your chances of winning. But why not start with a couple of free rounds by claiming some of the best no deposit offers at Yukon Gold Casino that goes up to $30 Free Cash + 50 Free Spins? It is a great chance to learn the game and at the same time win some real cash too.

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Knowing the basics of a casino roulette wheel game can be quite handy, especially during your first stint with the game.